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Amateur Hour is a power-pop trio from the Washington, DC-area. The band specializes in three-and-a-half minute guitar pop confections that have been called "Beyond the term 'radio-friendly'" by Smother.net.

Formed nearly a decade ago, Amateur Hour has released two EPs and one full-length cd emphasizing classic song-craft and starry-eyed romanticism. "Goodbye, Memphis" and "This Year's Epiphany" from the band's live-to-tape full length This Year's Epiphany have been featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and "Blown Away" turned up in both Cosmopolitan TV's Love Trap and the Canadian show Next Star. Additionally, the band has had songs licensed to Oprah's network (the show Home Made Simple), The Golf Channel (Inside the PGA Tour), and ION Television's drama Cold Case. IndiePages.com pronounced Amateur Hour's debut EP Hold On, Believe... "A hit!" and praised its songs as "easygoing and refined," while The Breeze lauded the band's "Great generational music."

Though the songs are the focus in Amateur Hour, the band's members freely blend their own influence and perspective to create a true group sound. Guitarist Mike Conner's time touring the mid-west in ska bands adds a precise rhythmic attack, and his experience in jazz and country projects provides a part-conscious harmonic sophistication to Amateur Hour's songs. Bassist David Donlon brings respect for power-pop's melodicism to his basslines, and combined with his love of progressive rock, adds drive and flair to Amateur Hour's bottom line. And singing lead from the drums keeps Dan Perriello's drumming concise and supportive, and his connection as songwriter to the melodic and harmonic ins and outs of each song allows for subtle and creative embellishments.

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