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Amateur Hour is a four-piece rock band from the DC area who play sweet, gritty guitar-pop. Influenced by bands like Big Star and the Cars, their sound is exuberant yet experienced, like if Keith Richards became a televangelist. The band is fronted by singer/drummer Dan Perriello and features guitarists Mike Conner and Tom Quispe as well as bassist Jeremy Koller. Amateur Hour's new record is called This Year's Epiphany and is scheduled for release in March 2011.

This Year's Epiphany marries Amateur Hour's tightly crafted pop songs to the living, breathing, natural sound of a band making music in a room together. Inspired by classic records like Exile On Main St., Amateur Hour tracked live to analog tape in a sweltering Brooklyn studio last July. In search of one intangible element - vibe - the band worked quickly to record 10 complete songs in just over 3 days, overdubbing only vocals and piano. Eschewing the convenience of digital recording in favor of the warmth and texture of tape meant capturing honest performances without editing or cut-and-paste; vocals with no auto-tune. Self-imposed time constraints made spontaneity and urgency a tangible necessity.

"Goodbye, Memphis" is the first single from This Year's Epiphany. The song is simultaneously a tribute to late Big Star frontman Alex Chilton and a nod to one of author Philip Roth's classic short stories. You can hear "Goodbye, Memphis" now on the Songs page.

Cameras were running during the sessions for This Year's Epiphany, and the band has compiled a short documentary about the making of the record. Titled You Can Feel It If You Try, the film chronicles the sweat and stress of the whirlwind sessions and the optimism and energy captured on the songs of This Year's Epiphany. The band is screening You Can Feel It If You Try online, serialized as webisodes under video.

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